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Win Win Intraday trading Strategy!

“Simple living, High Thinking “this belief of living is common among people you might have come across day in day out.  Likewise in Trading Career you can follow the same belief by adopting simple trading strategy and earn huge profits. 
Intraday trading Strategy

We at Nifty Trading Academy, Surat believe that the rules of right entry-exit, risk management principles, discipline approach, and ability to control emotions are the key to success in trading career.  There is no other rocket science to success in the markets.
We have experience that the day traders always seek answer to the question, how much money I can earn daily? And relied on forecasters or advisors who give tips and Fill the ears, but not their wallets. So here we present you simple trading strategy which is easy to follow, can fetch good profits and win the market. 

Identify the intraday trend

To earn profit habitually in intraday trading first, find the trend. Once the market is identified bull or bear it is easy to trade. Here are some tools to identify the trend and make trading easier.
Trend Instruments/tools
  • Moving average with price action
  • Moving average channel trade moving above zero line
  • ADX indicator moving up above 25
  • Trend lines (HH, HL, or LH, LL)
  • Oscillator indicators with a long look-back period

Determine retracement
Don’t make hasty decision when market is speeding.  This will not lead you to your destination. It’s just a challenge for you to take best next move without getting trap in losses. The problem here comes is setting the right stop- loss to protect you.

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Day trader needs to have precise stop- loss points to support positive expectancy. Define the retracement within the trend. The strategy when prices fall back to the moving average in bull trend.  The best way to define is by using best right tool.
Retracement tools:
  • Moving average
  • Oscillator indicators
  • Trend break lines
  • Price pattern like three bar pullback

Right entry and right exit
As a systematic trader you should know right entry and right exit rules of market. You should know exactly when to enter the position and exit to trade accurately and confidently. These simple rules help you to fetch profit with balance risk ratio for each trade. 

Here are some simple methods that can be used as indicator for trading.

Right entry methods:

  • Bar patterns and candlestick charts
  • Bull trend bar
  • Swing trading strategy
  • Close above moving average
Right exit methods:

  • Trend lines to connect swing points
  • Pin bar
  • Breaking down lines
  • Pivot point levels
  • Technical points

We hope you like reading the simple, easy and win win intraday strategy that can guide you daily.  So, Soch kar, Samaj Kar, Simple way se Trade kar! Think Trading Knowledge, Think Nifty trading academy & Nifty Trading Institute. For More trading secrets read on or call us anytime on 919925613333/+919925391111. 

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